New Blogger

Hello Everyone! 

I am going to try to make this blog as interesting as possible. Right now I am just figuring out how to blog and get things together. Please bare with me at this time. I will try to post weekly and if anything interesting comes up while going through being a florist and learning more as I go. I will post it. Right now there is nothing interesting just The Big Bang Theory that is on. Hopefully this is fun to do and it will be nice to hear input once and a while (within reason of course). I will try some experiments with different flowers and post a lot of pictures. I love taking pictures of my work. I have a whole bunch from my Floral 1 and 2 Design Class that I will throw at you soon. There will be weekly flowers coming at you maybe with some history and interesting facts attached. Whatever I am feeling that day. Maybe share a little bit of family along that way and who my inspirations are. What my favorite sports are? My hobbies? Any adventures during the week. Sunday is the day, I start. After the 4th to bring you weekly and daily updates. Let’s get in the conversation together like I said before. This will be a fun and interesting time. My journey starts now. Thanks for the support. 

Talk to y’all soon!



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