July 4th: Corn Flower

I thought since today is July 4th and people are having a ton of cook outs despite the weather here in Boston. I hope where ever you are you are enjoying your 4th of July.

For me, as an up and coming florist. I have to learn some of the flowers. So for this month I will try and keep it limited to the amount of flowers I do so I do not bore you. These are some of the flowers that are named the July Month flowers by Bridal Magazine. What I am starting with is the Corn Flower.

Corn Flower cornflower

The corn flower is an annual plant. It is a weed in the crop fields. It grows 16 to 35 inches tall and is usually blue color (right photo). The growing period is mid-summer to the first frost and all growing zones. The blue pigment is protocyanin, which is the red in roses. It looks like these come in many color varieties like periwinkle blue, red, white, blue, and deep crimson poms.

These are an edible flower. You can put them in an herb garden. They are good for an anit-inflammatory. It is good in a salad and gives color to it. It tastes sweet like a cumber. *Please don’t try it. I don’t want anyone getting sick. Thank you!*

As a florist you want to know what flowers are mainly used for. They can also go in any arrangement like any other flower. The left picture shows them in red, white and blue. Perfect for 4th of July.

If you are a garden enthusiast you can put them with other annuals. Cross them in the color wheel so that it makes your garden and flowers pop. So if you have something like orange annual something and a yellow flower annual. Definitely put them next to each other to make it pop.

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