July 5th: Lilies

I am sitting here bored out of my mind waiting for the fireworks to go off at 9 o’ Clock or so. So why not get to know another flower. This one is beautiful and fragrant, very fragrant flower. At the flower shop we usually use them for funeral work.

True Lily

Lilies were discovered in Crete in 1580 B.C. It came from the Greek word “leiron”, assumed from the Madonna Lily. Madonna Lilies are about 3,000 years old. The Greeks believed the Madonna Lily came from the milk of Hera, Queen of the Gods. It is the May birth flower. Also, the 2nd wedding anniversary (lilies of the Valley is humanity and devotion) and 30th Wedding anniversary. So, if your anniversary is coming up with your significant other Lilies are the way to go.

Garden fanatics: Plant bulbs in a low acidic place. They grow in low light sunlight. They cannot be in the midday sun. They grow well in a shaded area during that time. The season for these “true” lilies are spring and summer (Casa Blanca, Gloriosa, and Stargazer).

Symbolism: White Lilies mean charity and virtue. In mythology, it is a symbol of the Virgin Mary’s purity and role of the Queen of Angels. Peruvian and Alstroemeria is friendship and devotion. Which is always a good quality in friendships for a long time. White Stargazer expressed sympathy and the pink one is for wealth and prosperity. Lilies at funerals mean the soul has received restored innocence after death. Flowers were also used back in the day to keep the room smelling nice before they started embalming the bodies, like now-a-days. Enough about funerals.

Yellow Lily         Pink Callas

Calla Lily

There are also Calla Lilies which are not True Lilies. The Calla Lily is just categorized in all lilies. Calla Lilies come from South Africa. The name was given in tribute to an Italian botanist Giovanni Zantedeschi (scientific name- Zantedeschia).

The significants of the Calla Lily in the religious meaning is Jesus’ Resurrection. The shape of the blooms bears the resemblance to a trumpets (victory). It is also associated with the Virgin Mary or Angels. The Calla Green Goddess symbolizes devine purity, faith, and holiness.  The White Calla Lily represents beauty and innocence.

Colors: White, Orange, Apricot, Red, Pink, Purple, Bi-Color, and Yellow.

Standard Classic:


Supper White

Green Goddess

Pink Flamingo

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