July 7th: Delphinium

Went to the flower shop today as I do every other day of the week. It is incredible all the flowers that get used and how the designers use them. I envy them. I cut my finger with a rose throne or a few. Still stings. My mother says “No sharp objects” but that is the business with flowers. Enough about work which I love. Delphiniums are what I picked for todays flower. I actually used them in a floral arrangement before the 4th of July.

Sorry history buffs but there is much on this flower. I thought there would be a little more when I was looking. Unless I an not looking hard enough but here it goes…

Delphiniums are called “Larkspur,” grown in organic soil, with medium moisture. It has full sunlight. If not protected by the wind the flower may break since it is very weak stem. Delphiniums do not like hot climates. They like a little shade during the hot summers. This plant is a Pacific-Hybrid and can be grown from seeds and will self-seed in the garden. they grow to 4 to 6 feet and will spread 2 to 3 feet. It is from a standard English cottage garden. They are the sign of early summer with greens everywhere and then the color from the flowers.

Blooms: The blooms are either blue, pink,white, or violet. Blue would be for the 4th of July with a red and white flower if designing. These plants are perennials and live in the months of June to July.

delphinium-round-table Delphinium1

The Delphinium is a good showy-cut. They require little maintenance.

Fun Fact: The good thing about Delphiniums is that if you have a large deer population and they keep eating your plants. You can plant some Delphiniums and the deer will not bother them.

Tip: Beautiful for you kitchen table and centerpieces. Just be aware of some bugs that are attracted to the plant. Like slugs and other insects. Just give them the once over and you should be fine.

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