July 13th: Roses

I know I have not been blogging every other day. I have been busy this weekend and I will show you in a picture. My cousin just graduated High School. I am so proud of her. I had to make arrangements for her. Her mother had asked me to have Red and White as a theme for centerpieces. I think they came out so good. I love doing this stuff like I said before.  The arrangement was White Roses and Red Alstroemeria. The vases were white with a cream bow and little gem in the middle. They were adorable. As I was making them with my mom. She had asked me why there were thorns on the roses? So, Roses is today’s flower.

Rose 2 Rose 3

These are the arrangements done for the Graduation. Mini Roses and Alstroemeria.

Roses come in all different varieties of color. There is red, pink, and yellow. Those are the ones that I have seen so far working at the floral shop.  Cleaning the roses is not easy. You need a stem stripper to clean them off with. It will take the greens and thorns off. You do not really need the greens on the roses because that is the first thing to go on a flower. The thorns are only there for defense against predators.

Pink rainbow

There are over 100 species of roses.They are native to North America. Asia has the largest population of roses. Roses are very rich in Vitamin C (please do not eat them. Thank you!) Some rose bushes can keep erosion down to a minimum. The thorns are also calls prickles. These “prickles” help defend and help catch things out of the air.

Berkeley Rose Garden

At the White House people have been married in the rose garden and proposed to in there as well. The White House has a lengthy history for that perfect rose garden.

This one is short I am tired. There is more to come on roses tomorrow I swear. We will get into Mythology and the different color meanings of roses. Good night All!

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