August 6: Hydrangea

Happy Winesday!

Been so busy these past few weeks. My friend has been visiting for a week now and been working a ton because of the Market Basket crap that has been going on. So I apologize. I can’t wait to get to the beach one of these days. Finally have some time to just sit and work on this today. Hydrangeas are today’s flower.

Hydrangeas can be pink, rose, blue, white and lavender. Most of which I have noticed can be used for wedding work. All centerpieces and possible bouquets. The stuff that we do is amazing. From what I have seen anyway. Hydrangeas are these flowers that are in a bunch together with little flowers on one stem and many blooms.



This is my picture. We have Hydrangeas growing outside our house. Then I had cut them and put them in a small vases.


Hydrangeas grow in mid-summer until fall. They are good in any soil type and can be put in a planter or pot. These plants are native to southern and eastern Asia and the Americas. Some are shrubs and others can be trees.

Not much information on this one. I just love that they are super easy to work with. Good way to have a filler if needed. There wasn’t anything for Greek Mythology on this one. Hope everyone has a great rest of their night.







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