Good Hummingbird Flower?

My mother was asking me what a good hummingbird flower was. And I have been looking around at some websites and I think I will go with the one from Better Home and Garden Magazine. There are 16 Different flower types.

1. Bee Balm- Perennial
2. Phlox
3. Lupine
4. Red Hot Poker
5. Hollyhock
6. Columbine
7. Coralbells
8. Cardinal Flower
9. Foxglove- Biannual
10. Lantana- Annual
11. Salvia
12. Butterfly Bush- Shurb
13. Rose of Sharon
14. Cardinal Vine- Vine
15. Trumpet Vine
16. Honeysuckle

Here are all the flowers that attract hummingbirds. You can also get a hummingbird feeder. You just mix sugar and distilled warm water. The sugar will dissolve when mixing. They should be attracted to the bright colors of the feeder.

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