Let’s Go GREEN!!

Does anyone have an idea what a compost barrel is? How about we learn together on this one?

Compost is decayed organic material that is used for fertilizer. You can put just about anything in a compost pile/bin/barrel. It needs to be moist but not soaking wet. There are all different kinds of compost bins. You can build one, you can have on in a barrel with holes, and there are automatic turners that will aerate your compost.

What you can put in the compost pile?

Anything that will break down like fruit and veggie scraps, old plants from your garden, in the fall, the leaves, and in summer the grass trimmings. The list is endless. I would not put anything in it like toxic waste or something that can harm the environment is not very good for the earth. This compost can be used for your plants to fertilize them. You may want to consume vegetables from your garden so you have to think about what you want to put in your body. The compost with give the food plants need to give them a boost to grow better. This also makes all of your plants organic.

Placement of your compost bin:

It will get a little smelly and look like an eye soar in your yard so you may want to put it in the side of your yard where no one really goes too. You can build it with posts in the ground and put a fence around it and you have easy access to it. You can put a door on it or keep open and just walk in to it.

Layers of Compost:

Compost1 Compost2


The very bottom of any compost bin/pile/barrel has to be rocks. This is so the water can drain out and also have air flow through out. Each layer should have some rocks in it as well so it can have space to move and break everything down. A compost also needs to stay warm as well. The energy that is happening in it will help break everything down.

If I were to make a compost bin I think I could deal with it if you start small and see how things go through the summer and winter months. Once you get better at tending to it then you may want to up the size of your compost. If you do put the compost in a trash barrel drill some holes in it in the bottom so water can get out and let air get in. I hope everyone finds this helpful. Any little bit we can do to help the earth and to help ourselves make a better environment.


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