Thinking about spring…

If you live in New England and want to escape the winter weather you have come to the right place. I am right there with you about this wild winter. I do not think we have had a snowless week since January 11th. That is a long time. If you want to check out what it has been like since then go check out my sister and I’s YouTube Channel (link will be at the end). Tulips have been on my brain for a while. I have had some in my house. So I am curious as to where they come from and what it is that everyone is so hyped up over.

My Tulip


In Amsterdam, there is a museum that is all about tulips. I think that is awesome. This is so everyone that cannot see the tulips bloom in the Netherlands can see these beautiful flowers. The growing season there is from March until mid May. This has the whole history of tulips. This is the source of where I got this information. ( Also the Anne Frank House also has history and culture of Tulips.

Amsterdam Tulip Museum

I think this is so cool. Tulip Museum has a gift shop, pictures of the tulip fields and guided tours. This is something I would like to see. I guess I have to book a trip to Amsterdam next year to see this stuff.    ——-> This is the museum website.

Little History

Tulips are associated with Holland but originate from Turkey. The word Tulip comes from the Turkish word turban, “tulbend.” It is because of the resemblance between the two.  In the 17th Century, tulips cost more than a house did. That all got figure out after “Tulipmania” calmed down. Now everyone can enjoy these beautiful bulb flowers.


YouTube Channel

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