11 Days Until Spring

I feel like I had to blog today!

It has been a crazy winter. The snow has been falling like crazy. I hope there are no more storms in site. That’s what the weather man/woman has said so far. It better be true. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! I want to see flowers and smell the fresh cut grass. Tree pollen, I can do with out. Also my birthday is in spring and I want to be able to celebrate with family and friends. Hurry spring!

When the nicer weather comes there will be more stuff to do outside and pictures to take of beauty of nature. I cannot wait to go on vacation to North Carolina. 80 degree weather and sun shine!!

Hockey is still in full swing with the Bruins in the playoff run….for now. I hope they at least make the 1st round! AND KICK THE HABS OUT!! When spring is coming that means the best season is right around the corner…..PLAYOFF SEASON!!

Oh one more thing before I go! If you haven’t seen my time laps video of making a flower arrangement. Where I got interrupted a few times and was SUPER nervous (please no judging yet). Go check that out on Youtube. It is called “Bubble Bowl.” It is all silk flowers which I rarely use. So, it was interesting.

Keep Thinking Spring! It’s almost here.


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