Vacation was Fun! 

I went to North Carolina for my Birthday to visit some of my Best Friends from high school. I miss them so. I had the best time. I may end up living down there one day. It could be a possibility to start my Florist business with events included. I have some ideas of what I want to do. But it is a secret. 

Anyway, I went down to see them and hung out. The weather was chilly but the sun was shining and I was in good spirits just to be away on vacation. Hopefully go down again sometime soon. 

We went to so nurseries that were huge. I took a few pictures. The warm climate down there is easy to make everything grow. Not so much for up here because it is colder and we get cold during winter.  


Here are 5 photos above that I took. I think the pineapple is the coolest. 

More to come this spring. Working on some more blogs for you. Like spring plants. Pansies and such. Keep and eye out. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather where they are. I know I am. 🙂 



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