Cloudy Days

Anyone ever get up in the morning and not feel like getting out of bed? I think that is me today. I have better Mondays than Tuesdays. I have no idea why. I love my job and nothing will change that. I have to keep building on the positives and through away the negative. Easier said than done.

If you didn’t see what I put in my photo album yesterday go check it out. There are a couple of bouquets that I made at work.


Pink Pink Pink
Pink Pink Pink

It is spring and all the flowers are getting ready to be planted and things are starting to bloom. The rain showers have started. I had posted Pansies yesterday and today is the Geranium.



  1. Red
  2. Pink
  3. Blue
  4. Purple
  5. Mix

Old fashioned standard

  • Beds
  • Borders
  • Containers

What they like?

  • Love hot weather
  • Hold up well to dry conditions
  • Colorful foliage

-More delicate looking and does better in cooler conditions

-Spring and Fall

-Put indoors for the winter

-Outdoors for the spring, summer, and fall

-Loves the light indoors


Did you know the geranium is called “Martha Washington”?

I hope everyone is enjoying your day. It is lunch time for me before I go to work.

Time to eat!

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