Fairy Wands

Today,  at work we are trying to get rid of some ribbon so it does not just sit on the shelf. We make “Fairy Wands.” You should see what these things look like. Actually I have a picture…. Here…..



(This picture is from the previous time I did this before. Today was just crazy and I thought I would share).

These are so tedious. They look cool and probably loved by every little kid. I could probably make a easy to do tutorial on these but I am not going too. My hands hurt from doing these and I would charge more than what we are like by $2.00. It is like doing a boutonnière almost. Fun fun…..NOT!!!!!!

This blog I could not think of anything and I was going to talk about Pinterest, buuuuuut, I went a different route. Oh well!!! 🙂  Next blog post will be Pinterest. I do not really know though.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying the weather. Hopefully it is not suppose to be too bad tomorrow with the rain.


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