2 Blogs in 1: Self Creativity/Flower

Happy Sunday Funday! Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Yesterday was crazy between work and Birthday Parties to go too. There was just no time for blogging. So today I thought we could do 2 Blogs in 1. How does that sound?

Self Creativity

We all are creative in our own way. We have talents. Some people don’t know what that talent is (like me). I like to figure it out one day. It might be, being kind to others. Not sure. Or floral design.  I love doing that as a job. Whatever you like to do or whatever your talent is; embrace it and love it. You never know what you will end up doing as a career. If you love what you are doing then there is reason to be happy. What is life if you are not happy with it? Right?!?! Some of you may be in high school. I promise it will get better when you get out. Some it may take a while to find your talent or creativity. Sometimes it might come from people that inspire you. It could be your parents, a youtuber, and/or a best friend. Creativity comes in all different ways. I look at different magazines for floral ideas. I have also asked other people how they get inspired. These are just my thoughts and I’m trying to keep it short and sweet. How do all of you get inspired for your blogs or creativity?

New Flower of the Week: Verbena

This plant spreads everywhere. It works best as a cascading plant over baskets, window boxes, pots, and retaining walls.

-Soil needs to be well drained

-Rewards gardeners with countless clusters of blooms all season

-Fairly drought tolerant

-Grows in between stone cracks

-Any tight place in the garden

-They do well in strawberry clay pots

-Loves the sun. Is an annual and can be a perennial if you bring Verbena inside for the winter.

-Grows: 1-3 ft long

-Comes in colors: Pink, Blue, Red, and White

-Fall and summer months is when it is at its’ peek.

-Very good because it is deer resistant and it is fragrant

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 5.26.56 PM

There Verbena on a wall.

Hope you guys enjoyed this Sunday Funday Blog. See you all tomorrow with something a little more special!


Shootout to the Bestie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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