Day and a Life…








Hello!! This is how I started my morning. I had got up gone into the shower and came back and found my kittens taken up my bed. Oh Boy!! I leave for a bit and they take over. They didn’t bother me last night though which was nice. We will see tonight.


Started my Day at 8 AM at work (officially). It went by fast surprisingly. I love how one annoying person can clear out a room. I made this arrangement today. I hope the woman liked pastel colors. I wasn’t really going for the pastel but it worked really well. I never made something like that on accident. Today was a good and easy day at work. It has been slowing down since planting season is coming to an end. We will see what happens this summer. I really do love what I do. I don’t know how many times I have mentioned that before. There is one that is a negative nelly at work but I don’t let her get to me. Positivity wins over ALL!!!! I am excited for my time off. Oh, and yesterday was like one of the Best Tuesdays I have had in a long time. Just me and every customer that came in. Such peace and quiet with a side of NO COMPLAINING!! It was lovely!! It is entertaining sometimes but not all the time. I can ignore it like I ignore everything else sometimes. It’s easy. Anyway, this is suppose to be a positive blog not a negative on so let’s move on in the day. I got out of work at 1 PM.



I went home to find a bunch of roofers redoing the roof on my house. That was interesting. Anyway, I went to my favorite store MICHAEL’S CRAFT STORE!! I love that place. I could go down every isle and look at everything they get in new. Today, I went down the floral isle as I always do. I got 1 Mason Jar, 1 red rose, 1 white peony, 1 ivy vine, 2 variegated pit stems, 2 blue daisies, and some small red line flower stuff. Then went down the ribbon isle and saw this cute white and red ribbon and made a bow. What do you think? I’m in love. This is coming with us. NHRA Colors. Red, white and blue.

Sleepy wine


Came home from Michael’s and had dinner. I worked up and apatite¬†from walking around shopping. Hung out with my mom and grandmother. I had to pack tonight because I am a procrastinator (like no other). So, I had to keep pushing through the day and had some wine to celebrate tomorrow. Tonight is the last sleep before vacation. I was so happy to get out of work and get what I need for this trip. I am so excited this year. I can get through it. Meaning some of the car bug my ears. I am sensitive to loud noises. This was ever since I was a kid. I still have the most amazing time and I am trying to come over that too. We will see this year.



All right, I have one last thing and then it is time for bed. Got to get up at 6 AM to make sure I have everything. This Mason Jar (like you saw for the floral arrangement is the same thing, I got a second one). I made Ice Tea on National Ice Tea Day!! Wow!! HAPPY NATIONAL ICE TEA DAY!!! I hope this will last but I don’t think it will with other people having some too. My best friend gave me the idea when I went to see her. This really is the best thing ever to hold liquids and cool way to make drinks. I seals itself. It is AWESOME!! Thanks Love!!! Shout Out to you!!! That is the last thing I did tonight.

Well it is off to bed. But first There will not be any more blogs this weekend. I will be vlogging. I am going to try my best to be myself. I am going to start tomorrow from when I wake up to when I go to bed everyday! This should be interesting. Nothing will be up loaded until next week. I hope I can do this without Wi-Fi. :/ (praying). I will see you all next week. I hope you have the best for the rest of week. Talk to y’all soon!!



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