Disney Songs Sunday!!!

Good Afternoon Everyone! I hope everyone is having a fine Sunday even though it is raining. This blog is not about Disney Songs. I maybe listening to them right now but I promise you this is about Father’s Day!

I am reflecting today. My father, grandfather, and more people that are like family to me. I just felt like in a Disney Song mood. Has anyone else?? I have had a rough week. My grandmother has been in and out of the hospital this week. Nothing life threatening, which is good. So, I have been thinking today since today is Father’s Day, I should reflect on the great men in my life.

First My Father:

He may not think he is a great man but he is. I love how strong he is for all the woman in his life. He works hard and has a great heart. He is very caring and supportive. We had bought a 54 Chevy together. Well he brought me with him. I was so excited to get this car. It is a beauty. By the way, if you see it is PATINA, NOT RUST!!! It is sunburnt. It was in New Mexico in a junk yard. Very cool to look at and ride in. People’s comments are very funny when they walk by. Dad lifts the hood and people’s eyes widen. The way he explains cars, I can understand. Having the friends he does is awesome. They are all car guys and the memories they have (which i said in the last blog New England Nationals) is just crazy from their race days. My father is a the best and I love him very much.

Father’s Day Tradition:

Every Father’s Day, since the car we have gone to a Father’s Day Ride that goes to a cemetery to honor the Car Guys that have passed. They have a pasture come in and he holds a ceremony. He said the 56 names of the people that have passed. We know a couple of them. The one that we know really well is like a family friend. We go visit him at his grave site when the ceremony is over. It is only 30 minutes long. Today it was raining but it was beautiful. We love and miss all the car guys that have passed on. We know they are looking down and are here with us still. RIP.


We are still at the cemetery. My father and I usually go to visit my grandfather (Grampy). We go find him. He has a nice spot by the water. I wish I had brought flowers with my but I forgot. He was a great man. He loved everyone. Of course he was a Veteran (Vet). WWII Vet. He was in the Navy and worked for the Post Office. He had passed away in 2007. We miss him dearly. I have all good memories from my childhood. Swinging on the swings, going to the park, and gardening. Oh My!! His garden was his pride and joy. He grew Tomatoes, carrots, squash, beans, sunflowers, and a lot more. The fall was always fun at my grandparents house. I would play in leaves and try to scare him. He was a happy man. One of the great people I had for 18 years of my life. Love and miss you everyday. RIP.


My father’s father. We called him Nun because my cousin couldn’t say grampy or papa or something. Nun stuck. He was a WWII Vet as well. Passed in 2007. He was a great man as well. I loved all his jokes. He always came over to watch hockey games or go to softball games. He was always around when we needed him. When he passed, I was up at a camp my cousins own. I walked into a room they have at their house. I could feel something in the room with me. It was my grandfather. I was looking at the windows and he was over by the couch. I walked out of the room and my cousin (or my aunt did) said “You look like you just saw a ghost”. I said “yes”, then I broke down crying. I thought I would never see something like that before but I guess anything is possible. He just wanted to say “Hi” one last time. I have the best memories with him as well. We take pictures to remember and we have a lot of them from family vacations when I was little. We miss and love him very much. RIP.

Bebe & Meme:

My grandparents that are not related to me. Bebe was someone who worked with my father. He was also a great man. I remember a little bit about him but not a lot. I know we went to his house a lot to hang out and say “Hi” every once and a while. They were very nice people and took us in like we were family. Good memories with them. I lost them when I was really young. I think both of them had Cancer. We loved them just as much as the rest. RIP.

Family Friend:

My father’s friend. I’m not going to name him (just privacy reasons). We have had one of the best relationship with him for a while now. We go to all the Car Guy stuff with him and his wife. He is very knowledgeable about cars and loves to do little and big projects. He is a train enthusiast. Going to the races with him and his wife is so much fun because he can explain almost everything about the car and how it works and how the race track was back in the day. It was cool walking around the track with him. He is still living and we see them almost every week. We love them to bits and pieces.

I almost forgot one person…..

He has been in my life since the beginning. He is one of my father’s best friends and like a brother. I just haven’t seen him in the longest time. Life has been so busy. He has been there for our family forever and still is. He is like family. He has inspired me to try new things and eat different food. He has got me into skiing. Childhood memories are the best with him. Still more memories to come. Hopefully get together next weekend. We will see. His support and love has been the best ever. Thank you for everything. You are like a big teddy bear and Santa Claus to everyone else. His knowledge is one of a kind. He is like Google! (Haha!) We love you!! 

Our Car family is one of the best. It is like everyone gets together and there is always something new to discuss. People are always caring and loving of one another. I think this group that we have now is one for the best. Getting rid of bad eggs is always a good thing as well. We as a group has never been happier (I think). I have an interesting life and I like it the way it is. I try not to take anything for granted and always stay grounded. I love my job, friends and family. Always staying positive and keeping strong. I have my family and closest friend to Thank for that.

Love you All!!!

Hakuna Matata!!!!


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