Endless Summer

Good Evening! 

I have been sitting here almost all day. I had gone out for a bit to a craft store. I could live at the craft store!!! So much to do there. I have ideas but I just do not know how to put them into motion. I think it has to do with trial and era. I am scared to put my face infront of the camera. Confidence is key. I will get there. I did say this year would be a year for new experiences. I would like to see where it takes me. Life is a journey and I am ready to take it with an open mind and arms. I would like to meet new people. Get out of this town and feel unstuck. I know I have endless opportunities. I can get there. I am ready. I think I know how to do it too. Work hard and just enjoy it. Sorry I know I’m rambling. Time to stop. How is everyone else’s day today? Is it raining where you are? 

Work for me this week is something I have to get use to being down a member of the team. She was a great person. I got to know her for a year and hopefully keep in touch. She taught me a lot. She gave me confidence to make arrangements my way. She let me be creative, helped me with taking orders, and and pulling flowers for parties. Now it is my turn to be me and go with my instinct of what the people want. Hopefully make their vision come to life. She will be missed and I’m sure I will see her sometime. Good luck in the future! 

Endless Summer Hydrangea:

Colors: Blue, Pinks, Purple, dark blue, & more

Planting: when you plant this year or whatever year you get them then they might not do anything for you this year. They have to get use to the soil they are in and the environment they are in. When they get use to it then they will give you endless blooms all summer. 

Deadheading: I’m not sure if I went over this before but here it is again. Deadheading is when you take the dead blooms off the bush you get from the endless summer. If you don’t do this it might mess up the plant and you may kill it. It is like getting a hair cut. You cutting the dead ends off your hair. Your hair grows more and it is happy. Happy planet happy garden. And more blooms with come when you do this just like any plant. 

Watering and feeding: Only water as needed. If I has been hot for a few days then I would water it every night before bed. Don’t not feed the plant everyday since it is in the ground it has neutriance from the ground. You can feed possibly every once a month if needed. 

Example: I had someone come into the shop one week and he had a hanging basket and he was giving it feed everyday. He said it was wilting. I said your killing it. Don’t feed it anymore. Or water it for a few days. If it is hot out water it don’t feed it. Too much of a good thing can be bad just like anything. Moral of the story is don’t over water. If it is raining out like today. Don’t water your plants. 

…. Have a good rest of your Sunday!!!


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