July 9th: Spray Rose

Goodnight Everyone! Hope everyone had a great day.

Today, I promised a flower for the blog. I have a flower. Does anyone know what a spray rose is? NO?!?!

Well, here it goes.

What is a Spray Rose?

A spray rose is a rose stem with more than one rose flower on it. Some have a lot of rose buds and others have only three or four buds. When they come in. There is 10 stems in a package. At the shop, you can buy single stems of them. They are a beautiful flower to work with (bridal bouquets, wrist corsages, and you can even do a small boutonniere).



This is on of my favorite colored roses. I love the colors. It is like a mini version of a Free Spirit Rose. They smell amazing and are just gorgeous when they open.

Ivory rose


Ivory or White roses are usually used for a wedding/prom. Which I got to know them very well when I was doing some prom stuff.

This is being posted late again. I am very sorry. I am so off today. It was so busy at the shop today. Some woman came in and was on a crazy spin. She was complaining too much. Things get lost in the shuffle when it is busy with a bunch of funeral work then we just get lost in it. We are human and we make mistakes. Forgiveness is key. 

Today was a good day though I learned a lot and kept my cool. Stayed positive. I kept saying to myself “I can do this” the whole time I was there. Ignored most people and answered the phone when I could. It was just a feel good day. But also one of those days too. 

I’m going to end it here. Hope everyone has a good night and sleep. It is Friday eve!! 🙂 



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