Just a quick post…

It is about midnight here on the east coast. I probably could fall asleep right now but there are too many thoughts going through my head. Confidence is one of them. My thoughts are just racing through my head. It is weird. 

The breeze feels really good. It is cooling down and the air is awesome tonight for sleeping. You can smell the river. It is so good! 

Anywho, I’m here with the cat and we can’t sleep. But she likes to cuddle so it makes me hot because she is like a heater box. She is so cute. I love her! 🙂 

Tomorrow (or later today), however you would like to put it, I will be working the afternoon and in the morning I am not sure yet. Maybe a cup of tea and some breakfast. I will blog again today. I promised a flower yesterday. I have one coming. I just had to write I felt like. 

On Monday, I was learning how to do funeral work. Now, I don’t like funerals and I do not think anyone else likes them either. But I was really proud of myself for doing those pieces even though it is a symmetrical arrangement. It is a triangle. So, picture a triangle, but in 3D. 🔼 So, your lines have to be good and make sure to fill in with flowers in that shape. It isn’t a easy as it sounds. But I love to do this stuff. I just get lost in it and it is like a therapy to just get lost in flowers. I feel as if some people have lost that feeling at work. It just makes me feel good. I am not sure why but when I look at my work that I do I get anxious and think it isn’t as good as the person that has been doing it for 14 or more years. But then I take a seat back and I think to myself “I have only been at this for a year and I have more years to come”. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses. I know what I need to work on….. CONFIDENCE is number one. I think it is just figuring out that I am suppose to do this and I am suppose to be where I am now. Stop looking back on the “what if” or “I wonder if I should have done this earlier”. No more of that. Ya sure there will be days I can’t design but everyone has those days. I just need a focal point and believe in myself to do what I love. I love to make people happy and I love to make floral arrangements. This has been one of the most fun years I have ever had. I finally found a place where I can express my artistic ability that I didn’t know I had until I tried these classes a year or more ago. 

I am rambling. 

I wish I could speak this in to a camera but that’s the confidence thing. I have to learn to love myself. I think I’m going to start practicing to speak into a camera and build my confidence as a designer. I will get there. A few mistakes a long the way but as long as you learn from those mistakes then you can build up from there. 

I think I have type most of what I wanted to get out. Sorry for the late night ramble. I am not sure who reads this stuff or if it even helps anyone. Let me know how you become more confident or how you build yourself up? Obviously I don’t want to be cocky because that’s too much confidence. Well, I’m going to end it here. NEW FLOWER tomorrow!! 

Goodnight!! Xoxo 


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