July 14: Hibiscus

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope everyone had a good night of sleep and is going to have a good day today. Make the positivity weigh out the negative for the day. That’s what I am going to do.

Hibiscus Plants:

Hibiscus are not known to this region. It is too cold for the plant to be up here all year round. The tropical areas like, Florida, Bahamas, or South America you may see them more there.

If you have a Hibiscus plant here and you want it to bloom all year round you have to leave it in a pot with good drainage. You also should bring it in during the winter months so it will stay alive. You should water it regularly. Plants also need water like we do (see *note).

Hibiscus blooms:


Hibiscus blooms come and go. They have their pretty flowers and then they fall off. You should see other blooms coming. When the bloom falls off just cut it by the green leaves on the plant and give it a little bit and it should grow back; (but don’t quote me on that). Deadheading is key to keeping a healthy plant.

Nations of Hibiscus:

This flowers is the State Flower of Hawaii and is the national flower of Haiti. Haiti uses it on tourism stuff.


This is an interesting fact. If a girl is wearing a Hibiscus flower behind her left ear she is in a relationship or married. If she is wearing it behind her right ear she is single. Hibiscus flower is worn by Tahitian and Hawaiian girls.


In this country they squash the flower up into a sticky paste or syrup that comes out of the flower. They call this gumamela, which is hibiscus. Then they take stick like straws and dip it into this sticky stuff and blow bubbles. I will have to try it one day. That would be cool.

Hibiscus as food, tea, and more. I would just rather tell you fun facts. The bubble blowing is as far as I am going.

*Note: Please don’t over do it. People need water but in moderation so that we don’t die. Too much water might drowned us and that goes for a plant too. It is just like too much food can kill us as well as a plant.

Hope you enjoyed!

I will talk to you all soon!


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