Hot Summer Sunday

Good Evening Everyone!

I hope everyone has had a great week. This week for me was one of the hardest ever. I lost one of my best friends meaning my cat. We had her for 17-18 years. She was the best cat ever. She was lovable when she wanted to be. She could also bring the sass to a whole new level. We are going to miss her dearly.

The Queen

We should have her back by Tuesday. We couldn’t really let her go, go. We love you!

On to more happy thoughts. I should try to blog everyday. I am not sure why I don’t. Sometimes nothing really go happens during the day. If something negative comes up at work then I don’t really want to write about it. I am going to try to come up with some activity that I take pictures and do a step by step sort of thing. Or have my favorites of the month. We will see.

Today, we gardened. Oh my, was it hot this morning.

clean suns veggies weeded

Definitely a big improvement than what we had before. The Morning Glories were everywhere (blog post coming about that). They have to be controlled some how not sure what to do.

Sunflowers are coming up nicely.

The vegetable garden is looking awesome. Everything looks happy in there.

lettuce squash flower

squash vine Squash


Lettuce, Squash, Beans all coming and almost ready to pick. We have picked some beans, but there is so much to get still. I just love the thought of eating fresh and knowing where it came from. You just have to be patient and nature will do beautiful things for you.

To top of the day of gardening my mom and I sat in the driveway and used a sprinkler to cool off. It wasn’t just any sprinkler it was a …….

hello kitty



I was so excited to bust it out of the box it had been in for a year. It worked out great. My father was laughing at us.

Then I took a much needed nap which I never get to do. I will sit for a little bit but the heat was so unbearable today. Humidity is what gets you. Hopefully some thunder storms to cool everything down over night but hoping nothing too bad. Oh and I almost for got we got corn for dinner. It was so yummy.



Nice and tender. I think it is from Western Mass but we got it at a local farm. I will have to show you that farm one day. It is awesome. They have corn fields, apple trees, and strawberry, raspberry, and more.

Now I think I am going to get some Ice Cream because it is (hashtag) National Ice Cream Day! Definitely deserve-able after today’s heat.

Have a good night everyone!! See you with another blog Monday! M is for Morning Glories!!


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