Summer Favorites

Good Morning Everyone!!

Hope everyone had a great night of sleep. Summer is one of my favorite seasons. It is fun to be outside during the nice weather. Let’s dive right in with my Summer Favorites. There are so many that it is hard to choose a hand full.




This is one of my favorite things during the summer because you get the satisfaction of what you grew. We made this vegetable garden at the end of spring. When we knew the frost was done. Growing season started late this year. I am surprised at what we have. Gardening is also very relaxing to me.



Whether it be Wedding Magazines to books by YouTubers, I will read them. The Wedding magazines give me some inspiration for floral design. I also like to see what is trending and what is new that is out for bouquets, arrangements, and more.  The youtube books are very interesting and give you life lessons they have learned along their journey. Plus, they are very funny and you see they are real people.

IMG_3933 IMG_3994

Car Shows

Car Shows are fun because I get to spend time with my father, who is getting up in years. He has a great old car. It is a 54 Chevy. It is a Patina. Which is like a sunburned car. His friends have cars as well. We all go as a group. So we will meet somewhere and roll into the show together.


I have talked about this before, The Races in June. Those are the big boys and girls that race. The professionals that get paid the big bucks. You know that when you go to see these guys they are excited to me at one of the oldest tracks in the country and one of the first tracks. I am happy to see all the drivers and their crew when you walk around the pits.

The other reason is that my father’s friends and him used to race there. Go look up “Boston Strangler”. You will find a lot of history and awesome races.

DSCN0169 IMG_3582 IMG_0057 IMG_0161

Hanging out with Friends and Family

It is always nice to hang out with your family and spend time making memories. With friends near and far from me it is always nice to cherish the time you have with them. During the summer we can go to the beach, go on adventures, and vacation together.


Making Brewed Ice Tea

I like to make my own Ice Tea when I get the chance. I make it from Lipton Ice Tea Bags. Right not I make my Ice Tea with the Kureg. I have Southern Sweet Tea. It is so good. You don’t need sugar or anything. You can add lemon if you like lemon. Just a nice drink for the summer afternoon or morning to keep cool.

These are my Top 5 Summer Favorites. It was hard choosing just 5. I hope you enjoyed. See you next time with a new blog!!



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