Morning at the Farm

Good Morning Everyone! Yesterday, I went to the farm and got some fresh vegetables and fruit. I had a lot of fun taking pictures and just hanging outside on such a nice day.


We went to a farm called Marini’s Farm Stand. It really wasn’t a farm stand. I thought it was a little shack on the side of the road. It definitely wasn’t. It was a nice big size for what they had. Marini’s had a Bakery, Fruit, Vegetables, and more.

IMG_0361 IMG_0362 IMG_0364 IMG_0365 IMG_0367 purp beans watermelon IMG_0360 IMG_0359


The Garlic smelled amazing and I never knew that it looked like that. I think we are going to try to grow some next year. I think that would be fun. It was fun just looking at all the stuff that I had never seen before.



Oh my! This lemonade is one of the best I have ever had. It wasn’t too tart and it wasn’t too sweet. It was just right. It is a definite summer time drink. It is in a glass bottle with a twist off cap. I will definitely be going back to get another.


This was one of the best farms I have ever been to a long with a lot of others.

Yesterday morning, we also went to Brooksby Farm. It wasn’t anything special. I was not really impressed with it. The animals looked sad and the kids were feeding them grass while the parents just sat there. I was really disgusted by it. I would of thought they would of had someone down there to watch them and have a feed thing there too.

We tried to go to look at the flowers in the field by the picnic tables. I guess your suppose to buy a green carton. We didn’t know that because there is not clear sign that says you are suppose too. Also, the girl behind the counter just stared at us as we walked by and didn’t say anything to us. I didn’t understand why she didn’t say anything. I would of said something if someone wasn’t suppose to go somewhere. Needless to say, I am not going back to that farm. Very unimpressed and it was making me sick.

I know it is a farm, but I think you should still be respectable of the animals that live there. You should have a sign that says what you can do for the amount of money spent. It felt very unorganized and a lot of other farms are well marked. They could learn from other farms if they visited them and see the experiences other people have there.

Okay, I am done. I just wish they would make it more clear that’s all. Good Luck to them.

Trying to stay positive.

Before dinner. I had work. There was a lot of funeral work to be done. It was just me in the afternoon with two newbies. They are good and help up front and answer phones. Good day at work.

On to dinner:

I was so excited for dinner yesterday it lived up to all my expectations. We had corn, fresh salad from the garden, and steak.



Fresh salad from the garden. I was so excited to try what I grew.


Freshly picked cucumber. We have more coming.


mine green

Fresh Green Beans.



Steak from the Butchery.

Best dinner ever. Best end to the day as well. Ending on a positive note as always. See you next time with a new blog tomorrow. Friday’s are going to be Flower Friday’s. I have decided. Get excited!! 🙂



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