July 24: Peony

Good Evening!

It is Friday!!!! FINALLY!!! (I should get posted before storms come, aka, didn’t happen). This is going to be a new thing I do on Friday’s. #FlowerFriday Let me know what flower you want to see me write about. I will take suggestions. Leave them in the comments.

Hope everyone is having a good Friday and got out of work early!

Let’s talk Peony:


There are so many different flower types out there. When you are looking at one specific flower there are also different types within that group. Like peonies have different colors and some are early bloomers and others are late bloomers. There is a chart that I found that goes over that (*it is in the last part of this blog).




Peonies start like a tight ball at first. As they drink water like any flowers does, will start to open/expand. When we are at the shop, we will give the flowers a fresh cut then place them into water. Even when you go buy some from the store, if you know they have been sitting there a while and you bring them home.

Very Important: GIVE THEM A FRESH CUT!! THEY SEAL UP AT THE END OF THE STEM. (Sorry most people get it. Keyword: Most).

Peonies are a fragrant flower. They are like a lily but not as strong. Smells like spring is coming.

Color Peony

Peony Colors:

Dark Pink

Cream/Cream Yellow

Hot Pink

Cream/Ivory White

Coral (which I have not seen yet at the shop. I guess they are very expensive).


peony cp





Peony Arrangements:

When the season is right you can have peonies in any arrangement really. Baskets, Centerpieces, vases, Bouquets, and more. They can be in a bridal bouquet (which will be mine “one day”. I still say I am the 27 dresses girl but you never know). Having a nice mix of flowers in your bridal bouquet is very nice. Even if you just want a full bouquet, peonies will give you that. They open very big even though it may not look like it at first.


Peonies can be on a cake. Beautiful. Even beautiful simple.


Peony in your Garden:

When planting peonies in the garden, they are not going to come up the first season you plant them. Please be patient. It doesn’t mean they are dead. It just means they have to get use to where they are in the soil. Keep watering and you will see.

When peonies do come up and flower. Your going to notice ants on them. Make sure to shake the flowers before bringing them inside your house so you don’t have an invasions of ants. This is very common for peonies to attract ants. Don’t be alarmed or try to spray. You might end up killing this beautiful flower.

Peonies come in bush, tree, and just fresh cut flower form.


Flower Meaning:

When I was reading The Knot Magazine: New England version. I came across the peony meaning…

Peony is known as the flower of wealth  and honor. It also was thought to be a symbol of good fortune and a happy marriage.

Maybe peonies are a good choice for a bridal bouquet for a good future with the hubby. Just think about it.

The End:

If you could not tell by this blog that Peonies are my favorite flower. I am not sure what to tell you. I could go on and on about this flower. It is getting close to my bed time now. I am off to bed. Full day of work you know. Got to get my creative juices flowing.

Everyone enjoy Alice in Wonderland. This is one of my favorite movies. Hope everyone has a good night!

See you all, Sunday!!



*This where you can find blooming season chart:


(All images from google.)

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