DIY Sunday Funday

Hello Everyone!

I hope your Sunday has been a good one so far. Thunder storms are rolling in soon. Either to cool things down or bringing in the humidity again. We will see.

I wanted to try something new today. Let’s see how this goes. I hope you enjoy and maybe try it yourself.

Step-by-step Candle Glitter Jar here we go…

Step 1


Step 1:

Make sure you have all your supplies.

For this project you will need…

Glitter (your choice of color(s)), Candle (your choice scent), Mod Podge (Waterbase sealer, glue, & finish), Ribbon, Charm (your choice), Foam Brushes, Scissors, Paper Plates, Paper Towels, Maybe a newspaper to keep mess to a minimum.

step 4 step 5

Step 2:

Pour out glitter color(s) out into plate. You can have one color or mix 2, like I did. It is your choice. You be creative.

step 6 Step 2

Step 3:

Squeeze out a little glue onto one paper plate that you have. Then dip your foam brush in glue.

step 3

Step 4:

Paint some glue on half of the candle.

Dip candle

Step 5:

Dip candle with glue side in the glitter. Then do the same with the other half of the candle.

let sit

Step 6:

Let it set to dry a little.

While waiting….

cut ribbon

Step 7a:

Cut ribbon in half the long way.

tie ribbon 1 tie ribbon

Step 7b:

Tie the ribbon on to your charm you have chosen. Remember let it reflect your personality and just be you. If this is for a gift then get something that they might like.

Now that you let the glue set for a little bit (15-20 minutes)…

tie charm

Step 8:

You can now tie on the ribbon and charm to the neck of the candle.


Step 9:



Step 10:


You can now enjoy your candle (like I am). Your DIY is all finish and I hope you are satisfied with the outcome.

You can use these for a Bridal or reception party as a centerpiece. This is a cool and simple idea. A CHEAP idea as well.

Thank you, Michael’s Craft Store for having the items I always want. Definitely one of my favorite stores.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s blog. I worked really hard on it and I am proud of it! I like doing these types of things. If you want to see more give it ‘Like’ or leave a comment of what you want me to do for another DIY Project.

See you latah!!


3 thoughts on “DIY Sunday Funday

    1. Thank you! I like your blog. It is so neat and easy to follow. I know I am so behind on the 8-ball on this comment. Im so sorry. I wasn’t sure how to respond. And yes, we can support each other.


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