Count 2 Flower Friday

Good Morning Everyone!

I am so sorry for not have been uploading this past couple of weeks. Work got a little hectic and I was so tired. Friday is definitely going to be #FlowerFriday. I am excited for this weekend I can’t wait to be going to Jet Cars under the Stars at New England Dragway! This is one of the best weekends I think of the year. I will try to take some video and see if I can handle the Jet cars this year. There is a Jet Truck which is awesome.

I got this off of New England Dragway FaceBook Page. Here is a Picture of this thing. It is INCREDIBLE!!!!

Jet Truck


The stand and people are very close to this thing. This is a thrill to watch. It goes 0 to 200 in 1000 feet. You got to see it to believe it. Anyway, I will have a full update on Monday about the weekend. Possible vlog of the night. SO EXCITED!!!!

Today, I am giving you 2 flowers in brief. One is Freesia and Lisianthus. Let’s get started!





Freesia is said to symbolize innocence, friendship, and thoughtfulness. This delicate flower is both timeless and fragrant (think: citrus scent).

(Came from The Knot Magazine)


If you plant the bulbs early then wait 10 to 12 weeks, they should start to come up. Keep them watered and fed just like any other plant or flowers you have.



Freesia looks very beautiful in any arrangement. They do have to flow the right way out of the vase. Just like pictured. A bouquet is the same way. Pointing outward from the middle.

On to….




This is a very delicate flower. There are a couple of different buds on one stem as you can see.


Lisianthus symbolizes an outgoing personality and appreciation, lisianthus ranges in color from white to pink and lavender. Blue too.

(From The Knot Magazine)



This rose like flower is very beautiful in bouquets, arrangements, and more. It is a simple flower that is pretty for any occasion.

Lisianthus is also a garden flower. You can grow it in a pot with good drainage. Just like any flower or plant it needs food and water. If it is hot then plants might need water more often. Even though these flowers are drought tolerant you should still water them on a regular basis. Very low maintenance.

youtube art


Keep a look out on my Youtube Channel. Hopefully stuff up from the weekend. I will try my best. I will start to vlog Friday afternoon of what I do. Need to get more confident. (Thumbs Up!!)

Have a Good Day Everyone!! IT’S FRIDAY!!! 😀




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