Saturday Night Fire

Good Morning/Afternoon Everyone!

It is a Rainy Tuesday Morning. We need the rain though. I have just been sitting here watching a Disney Film call Enchanted. Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams. It has been good so far. Tonight is PRETTY LITTLE LIARS FINALE!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!! 🙂 We FINALLY come face to face with ‘A’.

Saturday Night is why we are here. Saturday was so awesome. I had such a blast. Here are some Photos from the night.



Can we just take in this gorgeous sun set at the Drags? The pink sky really puts the icing on the cake for one of the BEST nights at New England Dragway.

Jet Truck

This is a Jet Truck. This picture was not taken by me at all. It was taken at another drag strip. This is what I saw Saturday Night and you can feel the heat off this thing in the stands.


This picture is at the end of the night when we decided to stay for a bit so traffic could go. We also visited people we knew that was racing these Jet Trucks. The Hana Family was there and I guess they are long time friends of my Dad’s friends.


This is the back end of one of the jet cars. This was so cool to be up so close to it.


This is one of 3 Jet Cars The Hana Family owns. It was nice to meet the people that drive these. I mean you from 0 to 200 in a 1000 feet in like a couple of second. At the starting line they put on a show. If I can get my vlog to work then go check that out. I’m not in it, but I show you the cars.



I am in the stand in the top row and I can feel the heat off of this thing. It was an AMAZING show.


This car is a wheel stander. He goes down the track doing a wheely at 100 mph.



To end a great night after the Jet truck went down the track. There was fireworks. It was definitely a fun time. Worth being tired for the next day.

I hope you enjoyed. I love going and taking pictures and also taking it all in too. Also, my 3 year Anniversary at the track. I have been coming here. This was the first type of thing I went to at the track.

Vlog will be up soon after I figure out what to do. I might have to split it into Part 1 & Part 2. Keep and eye out.

Have a nice rest of this Rainy Tuesday!!


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