Happy 50th Blog Post!!!


I can not believe I have done 50 blog posts. I think I have gotten better at it as I ave gone a long.

I know 50 isn’t a lot, but I think it is. I am not sure what to talk about in this one. I know I have posted some Youtube Vlogs this past week. I went to Jet Cars Under the Stars and on Sunday I went to Saugus Iron Works. Except Part 2 isn’t uploading so I’m hoping it will be up by Friday afternoon.

Sunday was just a laid back day! It was great to be outside by the river for a while and take in the scenery.

This is Sunday in a nutshell:


So many Selfies and Sun. It was a great day! Shopping in the late morning and play time in the late afternoon.

I know this is short and sweet but I just wanted to recap on the best weekend. Hopefully there will be more to come. Fall is around the corner. I know SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Sorry!

#FlowerFriday tomorrow!

Enjoy the rest of this gorgeous Thursday! Thanks for reading my blogs!



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