August 14th: Dendrobium Orchids

Hello Everyone!! It’s Friday! You know what that means… It’s #FlowerFriday!! Whoo!!

I hope everyone has had a successfully positive week. Now it is the weekend and it is time to relax with family and friends. I thought to kick off your weekend we could talk about Orchids. Not just any orchid either… Dendrobium Orchids. Here it goes…



Meaning (from The Knot Magazine):

Refinement and beauty are two characteristics of there tropical stems. The flowers come in a rainbow of colors, from orange to ivory.

Native to Japan, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Indonesia, China, the Philippines, and Australia.



These orchids can be used as a pin on, wristlet (prom season this is BIG), and in any wedding. This flower is just really elegant and can be used in a bouquet. You can make this flower cascade over the front of the bouquet to add length. Vase arrangements are very pretty. Just the orchids themselves.


Care for Orchids:

When we get them in at the shop they come individually tubed with just water. There is no orchid food or chrysal in the water. Supposedly orchids don’t take to well to the food as does other flowers like, Gerber Daisies, Roses, and Sunflowers. When you get them at home, I would give them a fresh cut and put them in a nice vase with some fresh water.

Orchid Plants:

Water when needed. Let the water drain out of the potted plant. Then you may place it back into the decretive pot you have it in. Orchid plants don’t like to sit in water.

Don’t put them next to the window or heater because you will cook any flower that way. I know that orchids are tropical flower, but they are pretty hardy when left just in the middle of the room on display.

Hope you Enjoyed this blog! It was fun learning something new this week. I love the meanings of flowers. How about you? Do you have any requests for #FlowerFriday? Let me know in the Comments or my Twitter (@lizsflorist).

Have a good weekend Everyone! See you Sunday with another blog/vlog!


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