August 21st: Sweet Pea

Good Morning Everyone! IT’S FRIDAY, #FlowerFriday to be exact!! I hope everyone has a good last day of work before the weekend. Today’s flower is going to be….  

Sweet Peas.


Its sweet fragrance gives this bloom its name. This delicate softly colored flower represents blissful pleasure.

Native too:

Sweet Pea is native to Sicily, Southern Italy, and Aegean Islands. 

Bloom: Summer & Fall; Annual


These delicate flowers look amazing in any bouquet. If you put them in a bouquet they will lighten up your bouquet and make it smell delightful. Soft colors and bright colors for all occasions. 

Colors: Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Purple, & White

Plant Care:

Sweet Peas need full sun in the morning, but not full sun in the afternoon because the sun is stronger in the afternoon. Sweet peas like to climb. If you want a beautiful arch or awesome trellis then that would be recommended. 

Sweet Peas are good for a garden boarders. If you start sweet Peas in pods in your window then you can plant them outside. 

When you want to pick flowers for a bouquet before they drop their seed is just before the last bloom opens. Cut and put in some fresh water. If you cut/harvest sweet peas more often they will up their energy level. Happy Growing! 

Hope everyone enjoy’s their weekend! Here is a little sneak peak of what I am doing for a project…

I am excited to get started and experiment. I will be revealing the finished product in a few days. This week has gone by quickly. Suppose to start raining tomorrow all weekend. I hope Sunday will be nice. I should have a good day! Hope you all have a great weekend! Only a couple of hours until work is out. Good luck! 

See you Later! 


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