Fall is Coming

Good Morning!! It’s Monday….. again….

I am sitting at my desk writing this this morning. I’m on my second cup of tea (less strong tho), so I can wake up a bit more. I am trying to work through a dilemma. I cannot download any pictures to my computer any more. My Mac is full. I love taking pictures and putting them in my blog. I think it helps to make blogs more interesting instead of just reading words all the time. It add affect and a picture can explain more than words. Especially with where you go, craft ideas, and instructions on what to do with crafts. Please bare with me at this time. I use my phone to upload picture to my blog now. Enough about my problems. I just had to vent that.

In a week or in a few days everyone is going “back to school”. I know that is such a bad thing to say but there are ways to make you a little more excited. I have some “tips”. Maybe it is more like suggestions.

Here we go…..

First Day:


First days of Middle School/High School is always scary. It is a new place for everyone. A lot changes. If your nervous have something to look forward to at the end of the day or at the beginning. If you have a favorite outfit wear that to your first day. Unless you have to wear a uniform. See if there is a favorite jewelry you would like to wear.

Gym Hacks:


Make sure to have deodorant (suggest something sweet smelling) and maybe your favorite body mist (mines Sweet Pea).

Bring gym clothes to change.

Keep wipes with you (just incase)

Moisturizer to help your skin stay perfect.

Antibacterial (to keep hands clean)

Have a snack incase hunger strikes


Projects and Studies usually are not the best to hold off on.

  1. Make a list of what needs to be done
  2. Do a little at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed
  3. Look over the project and practice speeches or presentations to family or friends

This is the stuff I wish I did. I am not a good pubic speaker. My confidence is absolute crap. I get nervous all the time. Trying my best to come over that.

This leads me to the final Subject……



To be organized about projects you will need a calendar to make sure you know when things are do. Get something fun that you want to use everyday and look at. Something that’s your style.

A notebook that has a GREAT saying on it to keep you motivated. I have one and I write in it everyday. Notes about blogs or just to vent about the day. Keeps you focused.

Also, I have another notebook with no lines to draw or put pictures in. It has a cool design on it for my taste.

Something just came out as well, James & Friends. Jim Chapman is the creator. I haven’t gotten any yet, but I really do want it.

Hope all these suggestion help. Even in daily life and in your school life. I know if I didn’t write everything down I would forget.

Hope you Enjoyed!

See you guys on Friday!

Only 4 more days!

We can do it!

See you later!



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