Day 1 & 2: Hot Rod Reunion

Hello Everybody!

Let’s Talk Cars! This past weekend was NHRA New England Hot Rod Reunion. It had to be one of the BEST weather weekends ever for this event. On Friday, I had to work until 1 pm. I pick up my sister and we were off the the races. We were there until 8:30 pm or so. We visited a lot of people and walked around New England Dragway. It was a great start to the weekend. The atmosphere was a very positive one.

On Saturday, we started out the day at 7:30 am. Meeting the group at a rest stop on the way. We all travel together and come home together. When we got there; we met this group called the Orientals Hot Rod Club (put on a show New England Hot Hot Rod Hall of Fame Nationals). Nicest group of guys you will ever meet for a car club. They fed us breakfast and I thank them once again for letting us use there shade and they had very good hospitality. From there, I didn’t take very many pictures but the races were on and I walked around because I was so excited for the night time show.

Saturday, we looked at a whole bunch of Nostalgia cars they were grouped together. I had my Dad’s camera most of the day. So I took Pictures with that. (By the way, I have been saving up for a camera. Any good ones out there I should be looking at?)

For more Car Clubs there are the Down East Street Rods (Northeast Nostalgia Classic Event), Mass Street Rod Association (Drag’n in the 50’s Event), and the next one coming up is Camsnappers (Old Fashioned Sundaaaaay! event). All great shows.

Saturday was an ABSOLUTE beauty of a day to be outside and walk around. There was so much to see and so much to watch. Saturday was one of the bigger days to get your car out and drive into New England Dragway. There must of been 500 to 600 cars in the field that day.

(Suggestions form people that we know that have been coming up to the track for decades were talking about the car show that is in this field. They were saying, you pay the amount of money for a three day ticket and participate in the ‘Show N Shine’ to sit in the field. Why? They should be on display. Maybe ask around and have a little parade while they have down time. Which is an AWESOME idea. Go up the old return road and then go through the pits to make a loop. Something they need to do.)


Saturday was just an awesome day. Since my father got three day tickets for his guests since he was in the Car Show too. It was my mom, my sister and I as his guests. So I got to get a goodie bag from a tent they had all different things in there. The tent had t-shirts, shot glasses, and more.

Overall, Saturday was a great day. Not much bad happened. Except for a couple oil downs, but no crashes. One was bouncing around everywhere so he has some bumps and bruises, but will be fine.

Almost forgot, Champney Racing was amazing. They are so humble and a great racing crew. If you are ever up there than PLEASE go check out that team. The woman that drives that car only got her license a month and a half ago. She has already gotten into the final round her second weekend competing. She has gone 200 mph with a 6.0 something under her belt. Beat her old team mate. I am very proud and look up to her for sure. She is also going to be someone to look out for.



One of the proudest moments ever for me. Seeing what my father did back in the day. Towing a funny car. Not just any funny car but the Country Girl (getting emotional). He use to tow the Boston Strangler to the staging lanes as well. That’s what I meant by back in the day.

One funny story, there is this thing that hold the body of the car up in the air. One race the guys forgot to bring it with them. It was a match race. So my father was that pole that held up the body to the starting line. They never forgot that again.

This is the Country Girl and one of the other nostalgia funny cars.

My father waiting to let the car start up. I guess he was talking to my sister in the mean time.

To top the night off before the Cackle Fest, there was a beautiful sunset. The Jet Cars of Al Hana went down the track and then it all started. What a beautiful end to a Saturday Night of Racing. I know I said that, but how can you not say that twice? This was the end of Saturday. All we did after was go visit the other racers. Say bye until tomorrow. Which is what I am going to do.

I tried to make this as short and sweet as possible but there is just so much to talk about. I am ending it here with one last picture. Rick in the back of the pick up. I hope you all enjoyed this blog from Friday and Saturday. Sunday is up next. See you soon!


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