Day 3: Hot Rod Reunion

Hello Day 3: Sunday at New England Hot Rod Reunion!

After a loooooong day on Saturday; being at the track for over 12 hours. To say the least everyone was tired for Sunday. Sunday morning we didn’t need to be at the track until the races started. We watched a little bit of it and then we headed home around 3:30pm or so. Like I said everyone was just wiped out from Saturday. Everyone we knew was all the way down the end and we walked that quarter mile all day. There was a lot to look at when you are walking around in the pits. Everyone was so busy warming up their cars and getting amped for the rest of the day.


Before we left we decided to walk around and look at the different cars there. Here are some photos from what we saw. I didn’t take many at all. I was trying to take it all in this past weekend.

The weekend as a whole:

Looking back on this wonderful weekend, being with family and friends. NHRA has out done themselves again. I wish race season wasn’t so short in New England and summer wasn’t going to end in a few weeks from now. Summer in New England is one of the best! And it is just another one that is in the books.

New England Dragway has been like a second home. A few years back when I started going there; my first ever race was Jet Cars Under the Stars. I was so nervous. Now, it is something I look forward too. I get excited for these events. I know what I need and pack my bag the night before. I know what I can handle at the National Event. Can’t wait for Number 4 in June this coming next year.

Also, when I started going to New England Dragway; I had no idea what my father and his friends did. I read an article when some of the people we knew were inducted into the New England Dragway Hall of Fame. About what accomplishments and awards they won when drag racing. It was awesome. You get surprised and think “Wow! They are so humble and down to earth that you could ask them any question about anything and they would explain what things do in the car even if they have been asked that many times before.” What I am trying to say is that you would never know that these people I know have won world championships and match races. It is cool to know these people.

I think it is awesome anyway!! My dad’s friends are cool!! Who knew? 🙂

I am going to end this one here. I think I babbled on enough even though I could write a book about it. Each Chapter would be history and my father’s friends racing days. Like wise for him. He isn’t getting away that easy. I am loving my life and family. Those friends of my father’s are my family too. Extended Family.

Keep yourself positive and bright.

I will See you all later on #FlowerFriday!


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