September 4th: Dahlia

Good Morning! It is #FlowerFriday! You made it through another work week. Now you get a three day weekend! How exciting?

Flower Meaning:

This multi-petal flower represents both dignity and elegance. It’s popular for weddings due to its year round availability.

Native too:

National flower of Mexico in 1963. Native to Mexico.


Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Purple, White


Full Sun. Annuals in New England. Bloom time is summer. Dies off when first frost hits. Just like any other plant water regularly. Soil can be a little sandy since that is what they are use to in their environment. If you keep them in a pot you can move them from outside to inside during the winter months. I would especially if we have that same type of New England winter we had last year. BUURRRRRR……


Weddings: Bouquets, center pieces, and more. They are a garden flower. Not so much as a funeral flower. Some look like honey combs like bees make. Some are pointed petals. Dahlias’ are also very delicate because once one petal starts to fall they all fall out. It is like domino affect.

Babble time:

Hope everyone had had a great work week. I am still going unfortunately. Saturday is that last of my work week. I am so excited to have a two day weekend instead of just one (thumbs up). I can’t believe Labor Day is already here. WOW!! Time flies when your having fun. This business it does. That’s for sure. Anyway, I hope everyone has a good Friday, small three day weekend on a river or last beach weekend.

Let’s start a conversation…..

Let me know how your Labor Day weekend is? What are some tips on traveling in the car or plane? What do you bring?

See you on Sunday!


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