Box Cakes

Good Morning!

Fall is approaching and baking season will be in full swing soon. Soon I will be making pies, cookies, and more. I love baking. It is like a weird get away for me. Plus you get to make sweet treats for the holidays. Making it from scratch is the best, but this time I didn’t do that. This is “How to make Box Cupcakes?”

How to make Box Cupcakes?

What you will need:

  1. Box Funfetti Mix
  2. Vegetable Oil
  3. Water
  4. Eggs
  5. Cupcake Cups
  6. Cupcake Pan
  7. Mixing Bowls
  8. Measuring Cup/ Weigh Station
  9. Spatula
  10. Spoon
  11. Cookie Scoop
  12. Oven at 350 degrees
  13. Clean Hands
  14. Fun Time!!

Step 1:

Crack 3 eggs, pour oil, and water into a separate bowl.

Step 2:

Open bagged cupcake mix into another bowl.

Step 3:

Pour in liquid ingredients over the dry, than mix well.

Step 4:

Set up your cupcake pan with the cupcake cups and scoop cake mix in to each of them.

Step 5:

Put in oven for 19:00 minutes. Don’t forget to set the timer.

Step 6:

Put on some Disney Music to kill some time as you wait for the first batch to bake.

Step 7:

Repeat Steps 4 through 6 for the 2nd batch of cakes.

Step 8:

Let the cupcake cool all the way through before decorating.

Step 9:

Use a plastic bag or piping bag to decorate the cupcakes any way you like. Be creative. If you want to mix in the sprinkles go ahead. If not that is your choice.

Step 10:

Listen to some more Disney Music because you can and enjoy your sweet treats with a wine in hand or a nice glass of milk.

Good Luck! Keep Positive! Baking Box Cakes is easier than you think. I know this is not real baking but it is a fun afternoon with the kids or a babysitting activity. Fall is just the best time to cook and bake because it makes the house smell so good.

Happy Baking!



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