Relaxing Sunday

It is cloudy today and a bit nippy for a Sunday. I started the day off by baking some Bag Muffins. I did not have the energy to make them from scratch. 

You start with a bowl and a spatula. Add the bag mix in. Add the 1/2 cup of water. Then stir until all combined. You get 6 muffins out of it. If you double it you can get a dozen muffins. Just add a cup of water to the 2 bags you put in the bowl. 

Time to go in the oven for 16 minutes. After the 16 minutes take them out and let set for 2 minutes because they are still baking in the pan. Then it’s cooling rack time. 

And enjoy your baked muffins with a cup of tea for breakfast.

After baking, I went out to the store to do some errands. I forgot it was Grandparent’s Day!, so I went to my work and got flowers for my Nana. I went to the hardware store where I got a Humming Bird Feeder. It is soooooo pretty. It was on sale because it is the end of the season. I was trying to find a mint plant. 

Got home and decided to go to Yankee Candle with my mother and grandmother. You will see more tomorrow.

Now, I am just sitting with the kitten.

Elvis says, “Have a great rest of your Sunday Funday!” 


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