Autumn Candle Haul

Hello Everyone! 

This is going to be my first Yankee Candle Haul for fall flavors. There may be more of these. I love the candles from Yankee Candle. I have been going there since I was a little kid. My mother is the one who got me hooked. 

What I usually love to do is light some candles and bake in the fall. It just makes the house smell so good. This time when we went we got 6 different types of candles. We haven’t had these ones before so I thought I would share what I got. Here is my first haul. Hope you enjoy it! 

Autumn leaves smells like a walk in the park at fall time in New England. You definitely smell Autumn for sure.

Cinnamon Stick is one of those sense that you have to get. You put this in apple pie, coffee cake (which I make from scratch and it is like heaven in your mouth), and cider. Sometimes the mulled cider is the best because it takes all the aromas from the spices and cinnamon smells so good. Taste even better. 

“Sugar & Spice, & everything nice”. I am not sure where that is from, but my grandmother said it to me when I was younger. 

Sugar and Spice candle smells like a honey dip donut. If you weren’t craving those before lighting this candle you will be now. I know I am. 

Autumn Wreath smells like those wet autumn days when it rains or snows. 

Apple Cider is self explanatory. I mean you go to the town fair and smell all the smells. I love that. It also smells like Thanksgiving. Either hard cider or regular. It makes you want to drink it (not reccommended). Has anyone ever had an Apple Cider Donut? That’s what I think of when I smell this one as well.

This is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES……

You ready because I don’t think you are?……

Here it is…

BALSAM & CEDAR…. I mean this is a Christmas tree in a candle. We light this at Christmas or of we want too a little earlier than that, but it just smells like Christmas in a jar. 

That’s it for this haul. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Let me know in the comments what your favorite flavors are for Autumn or any season for that matter. 

Thanks for letting me be me and sharing what I love with you! Enjoy your week and I will see you all soon! 


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