Sept 18: Ranunculus

Good Morning Everyone!

I apologize for being so distant. I have had a sinus head ache for the past week. Allergies are killer around here right now. I think it is the grass and the seasons changing that have been screwing me up. SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER….. I’m so sad. But it is Friday for most of us. Today I thought I would bring to you a Flower for #FlowerFriday! Does everyone remember what buttercups are? Do you remember when you were a child putting it under your chin to determine if you liked butter or not?



Flower Meaning

Radiant with charm. Everlasting embrace of love and commitment; to hold something close to your heart. In the language of flowers; “I am dazzled by your charm.”

Late Latin- “Little Frog” (Ribbet, Ribbet!!!)

Two other names

Buttercup or Coyote Eyes*

Native too


Here is a little bonus…


(I thought was interesting…)

*Legend has it…. A Coyote was tossing his eyes up in the air and catching them; when an Eagle snatched them. Unable to see, Coyote created eyes from Buttercups.


White, Pink, Orange, Red, Yellow



The season that ranunculus is available is February to May. It is a very short life span and if any. Some things get a little hairy when getting flower. Weather takes a big toll on anything. Or if it has been dry (just something to keep in mind for the Florist you are dealing with).

These flowers open up really big and are beautiful. Ranunculus is a very delicate flower. Floral foam is not its best friend. Bouquets are good, vase arrangements are fine. Ranunculus has no sent either. Maybe very slight, but nothing like a Lily. Wedding bouquets, these are big in because of the meaning of the flower and give you some bright color.


Plant Care

Giving them water and the proper nutrients every week or so; ranunculus should come to life. Ranunculus is a beautiful garden flowers to brighten your garden up. Around here you would have to wait until after the frost is over to see any plants start to pop-up. Good Luck and Happy Planting!

Liz’s Babble Time

It’s Friday! This is another Flower Friday down. I hope you enjoyed it. I get a lot out of doing this. Helps me get more comfortable with what the flowers are in our shop.  Now I am off to work. Also, today I am going to a farm that has a field of sunflowers and I am pretty excited about it. You will see pictures and more from the afternoon. SO EXCITED!!!! Comment, Like, & Follow…. Please!!

See you all soon!!



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