Weekend of headaches

Where do I even start?

Friday Morning….

Went to school at 8am like I always do. I thought it was going to be a good day with one of my class mates Gi-Gi. She is really the best to work with. We thought we were going to have a quiet Friday until Matilda showed up. But the good thing about it was she was working far away from us, with Malina. 

Malina is very nice and sweet hearted. She keeps saying sorry for asking so many questions. I said don’t be I would rather you ask than not and get it wrong. Matilda was doing a project that was due the next day for class. 

We were working hard that morning and figuring out what had to be done first. We got caught up for the next day. Which is awesome. We left on a positive note. 

Friday Afternoon….

I went to a sunflower field. The sunflowers were a little gone bye already but it made me feel like it was fall. Then after that I don’t remember what I did. 

Saturday Morning…


Saturday Afternoon….

Gi-gi came in finally…. in the mid-morning. We had a busy afternoon. Some of the new people that joined the group to work on this project think they can do what they want and that’s not how I see it. 

Saturday before we left we got high with a BIG boo-boo. The project Matilda was working on was mostly wrong. You have to be responsible for your actions and sometimes she is not. Those actions have repocustions for other people that have to clean it up. It drives everyone nuts and it is so embarrassing for everyone involved. We fixed it and it is done. 

Everything on Saturday that could go wrong went wrong. A little stressful.

Saturday evening…..

Took Nana out to dinner. 

Sunday Funday….

I had kitty cuddles this morning when I woke up. She was cute until she jumped on my stomach. 

I was Crafty for the day thanks to Michael’s Craft Store. I love that place. Best place for project starters and more. Check out their website: http://www.michaelscraftstore.com. You can find more in this store for DIYs thank most other craft stores. 

It has been a good Sunday Funday. Nice day to dry clothes outside. Paint was good to set as well. Nice lazy Sunday. I hope everyone had a good Sunday as well. I’m going to end here. 

See you guys soon!!


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