Apple Picking

Hello Everyone! 

Sorry for no posts on Friday. Work has been hectic. I will be posting a couple of blogs this week. I go back to normal this week. It will start to pick up around October, November. I will have little blog posts here and there around that time. You will see Christmas Trees and Kissing Balls we make for Christmas. 

Right now, we are making dinner. I am exhausted. Here is a sneak of vegetable soup my mother is making. 

Orange pot. Cast iron one at that. 

This morning I was at work and I guess I wasn’t suppose to be because it is my weekend off. The boss didn’t tell me that. Oh well! Got out at 1pm anyway. We went apple picking on a whim and got two bag full of apples. Sunday will be a baking day. So excited!!!

Good afternoon in the sun with my mother and grandmother. This year they said it was suppose to be the BEST year for apple picking in a long time in Massachusetts. Hope everyone get to go and have fun this fall. Sooner or later I will be pumpkin picking with my lovely sister. We do that every year together and then decorate them. We always have fun doing that.

Fall then will come to an end and then winter is here. Do you hear the cursing from the New England region yet? If it is as bad as last year I am moving South somewhere. 

Just wanted to give you a little update. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Sweaters, boots, and light jackets. I can finally wear my jean jacket I bought last year. Yay!! 

Hope everyone has a good Saturday night! 

See you all tomorrow! 


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