DIY Money Tree

Hello Everyone!

Money Tree’s as gifts are fun and easy to make on your own. I went to Michael’s Craft Store to make my Money Tree. It as loads of fun. I hope you try this as well with an easy step-by-step process. Mine was for a 50th Wedding Anniversary. Enjoy!

How to make a Money Tree:

List of Supplies:

  1. Clay Pot (any color)
  2. Pipe Cleaners
  3. Numbers for years
  4. Artificial Moss
  5. Ribbon
  6. Thick Wire
  7. Glitter
  8. Paint
  9. Sponge Brush
  10. Clothes Pins
  11. Foam Blocks
  12. Possible light up tree like object
  13. Birds and Eggs (for details)
  14. And of course…. MONEY!!!!
  15. And…. Your Feline friends to help you…. 🙂

(This took me about 5 hours to make. I had to wait for paint to dry and glue to dry too. So, my Sunday off I put everything in the sun to dry. You can do this over the course of a week or more depending on your free time.)

 Step 1:

I would get all the painting and decoration out of the way first. Start with your numbers or whatever you want to paint. Set that in the sun to dry or just let dry over night.

Step 2:

Pipe Cleaners and the tree like thing that lights up. Wrap that with the brown pipe cleaners and add branches to make look full.

Oh, a furry friend may come and help you as well.

Step 3:

For a cute idea, I thought it would be nice to put bows on the tree as well.

Use the clothes pins to keep them attached.

(You have let the Clay Pot dry in the sun for a bit.)

 Step 4:

Stuff the bottom of the pot with a left over bag from shopping. On top of that shove the foam block in.


Step 5:

Gently take your hand made tree and push that in the center of the block. Make sure before you puch it through it is straight.

(You don’t want a lop sided tree. It will look silly.)

Now you have your tree in….

 Step 6:

Take your moss and add it around the bottom of the tree. You can also stuff some in the sides where the block doesn’t touch the sides. Then fill in the rest.

Step 7:

Make a cheeky little bow for the bottom.

Step 8:

Start adding the small bows to the tree limbs.

Stopping for a minute….

How to make it a great detail oriented tree for an Anniversary  (side bar)….

For an anniversary you want it to be all about LOVE!! I decided to put bird nests in the tree. Here is how I made my bird nests.

 Step 1:

Take the gold or the color you have chosen and swirl it around. Like a coil.

Step 2:

Indent it with you thumb to make it a cup like shape.

Step 3:

Get Modge Podge Glue. Using a paint brush; Brush it on to the “nest” and tree to make it stick. Same with the eggs as well.

(I went back out to the store this one.)

Here are the love birds:

I bought eggs and birds. They are so cute.

Okay! Enough with the love bird talk. Back to the tree….

 Step 9:

You have got your “50” painted and dried. Now time to add glue spots and glitter.

Make sure glitter stays in the plate or on newspaper to keep off the floor. You will get it everywhere.

Step 10:

Wow! Never have done this many steps before… Hopefully I am not boring you yet.

Attach the thick wire to the “50” and keep it a little long. Swirl that end and then pull a bit. The swirl will look nice.

Whoo!! Almost there….

Step 11:

Stick the wired “50” into the back or front. Where ever you think it will look nice.

Light it up and take a picture for you portfolio. That’s the end of the Tree set up. Now let’s get to the goods; Shall we…

Okay… Wait…. “Where is the MONEY?” you say.

Here comes the money folding part:

You got your 50’s and 20’s ready??

Step 1:

Fold Money in half the long way.

Step 2:

Fold at and angle like making a money air plane.

Step 3:

Fold the two flaps down to meet straight fold on the back side.

Step 4:

Fold the corners down on each flap.

Step 5:

You have now made your money hearts to go on the tree.

Take pictures and send it off to the person who ordered it.


I hope you all enjoyed this LOOOOONNNNGGGGG DIY Project. I couldn’t have done it without Michael’s Craft Store. I just love going in there and see what I can create next.

Thank you for reading! I really do appreciate it. I hope you all go home and try this. It could be for a college graduation or a high school one. It is just something small and fun to do for someone. I really love being creative. I love sharing this stuff with you as well.

Good Luck! Have Fun! Be Creative & Be Yourself!!


See you soon!


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