Start of a Rainy Week

Good Morning Everybody!!

A lot has happened so far this week and it is only Wednesday. Let’s recap, shall we??

Monday Morning:

Monday morning was interesting. When I got up I had to make sure my cats were safe in my room for the day. I have to miniature cats that still look like kittens but they are six. Their names are Elvis and Shylah. And, Yes they are both female cats. They typically hang out with me a lot during the day when I am home. Anyway, around 11 am there was a dog in the house. My sister wanted to bring one of the dogs that was dropped off at her work. She works for a Doggie Daycare where they stay for the day or board for the night if the owners have gone away. Some people drop the dogs and never come back for them because they can’t take care of them anymore. Monday was the first day he was here. He has a gimp leg that we don’t really know what is going on yet. He is a very calm dog, but when he gets excited he likes to sniff everything. That night I also got a guinea pig in my room as well. His name is Cameron and he will be going back soon. Needless to say we have a full house.

Oh ya! Has anyone seen a Kong Dog Bed before? They are pretty big.


This is Buster.

We introduced the dog to the cats Monday night. We had to have him on a leash. He wasn’t too interested until he saw them. I am not really sure how to introduce a new “pet” to the old ones.

If you have any advice, leave a comment down below. Or if you know any dog whisperers. Thanks!

Tuesday Morning:

Tuesday morning was the same. Get up; Greet the cats as normal. They are in my room. Still with Cameron. I feed all of them. My sister is on her weekend. She does care about the cats and dog. She wants them to get a long just as much as everyone else does. He is just a big dog that likes to sniff everything. At this point we have decided to Foster the dog. I have no idea what this is going to mean for the cats at all. I would like them to be the dominated species of the house hold because they were here first.

We are going to see how this goes.

Sorry for the mess. My life is crazy.

Wednesday Morning:

Wednesday, it is raining out and going to keep raining the rest of the week. I hope that we can figure this out. I thought something different but obviously not going to happen. I feel like a prisoner in my own home right now, but I think this will get better. We will just have to see. I think it is just a nerve thing. I hope they become Best Friends Forever.

Seriously, if you have any advice on how to introduce dogs and cats please please please let me know.

I hope everyone has a great Rainy Wednesday. I will keep you updated on what is going on. I’m still getting use to it.

See you soon!!


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