Update: Project Dog


I thought I would give you a little update on the Dog Situation. 

Last week we acquired a nice male pup from my sister’s work. His name is Buster and we love him to pieces.

This week he saw the cat when he came in and he wasn’t on a leash. He than ran after the cat (which he isn’t suppose to be running at ALL; according to doctors orders). He ran after her and hit the blinds. I think the cat peed herself because she was so scared. My blankets smelled of it. Now we have a baby gate.

One of the best. My mom just has to finish it today. I think this will help. This is all new to him. He wasn’t in a house with a loving family or cats before. He has to get use to it. I think it is going to take time just like anything. Everyone has to adjust. No one is going anywhere. 

My sister is happy and I love seeing her that way. He brings out the best in her. Right now, I’m not sure where Buster and her are but that’s ok. 

Well that was my little update. All the rest of the pets are doing well. 

Here is Hamilton:

Here is Elvis:

And here is Shylah: 

Silly pets! 

If you guys have any pets and know how to introduce new to the old then let me know in the comments.

Hope you have enjoyed this little update! More to come soon I am sure. 

See you soon!


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