Stitch & B!%@&

Hello Everybody!

I have missed you. I had a great weekend doing nothing. I absolutely love just hanging out and being lazy. I think I deserve it for working six days a week. YEAH!!! 🙂

This past weekend my mom and her friends got together. Once a month they all get together to catch up. It is called “Stitch & (sorry kid avert your eyes) Bitch”. It was a fun time. I learned a new skill. I learned to crochet.

In the morning…

We had tea and coffee available to us for choosing. My favorite drink is tea in the morning. She had a cute set up. I wish half the stuff that was in her house was in mine for decorating purposes. I love the antique look.

(Side note: they use to have an antique store).

It was a fun weekend to just hang out with my mom and girls. Actually, I am happy just to have a weekend off. Thanks!!

There was coffee cake and poppy seed cakes (something with poppy seeds) as a food option with our tea and coffee.  She had a great set up.

We crocheted and/or knitted a lot all day. Everyone had some project going on. I leaned a lot from them. They have been doing this stuff for years. I am still working on my scarf. It might be a little wide but it will work.

It’s finally Happy Hour….

It was an eventful Happy Hour with Police action going on. Everyone was trying to get the Police Scanner on their phone to see what was going on.

After all the fun at the house for the day/evening, we went out to eat at Not Your Average Joe’s. That was fun. We had a big party, so we were put out back. It was nice because we kind of had the area to ourselves. Everyone was together, which was awesome. We haven’t all hung out in that amount of time. It was so much fun.

The girls get together every month during the winter months. I wish my friends would do this. I am lucky even if I get to see them once a year now. We are all so busy and I am very proud of each and everyone of them. I truly feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Love you, Tarah, Kate, & Erin!!! True friends until the end. 🙂

Hope everyone enjoyed! Make sure you say Hi to the friends you haven’t in a while. I know I do once and while to just check in.

See you soon!!

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