Quick Update: Project Dog

Hello Everyone,

I have just a quick update about Buster. He went in for surgery yesterday (10-28-15) and is doing well. My sister has set up a Go Fund Me Page on Facebook to help raise money to help pay for this surgery. We never ask for help, but this one is a biggie.

Here is a little back ground about this situation:

My sister has worked at a doggie day care for a little bit. She fell in love with Buster when she first saw him. Ever since then they have been inseparable. I guess the week before she started working there the owner just dropped him off and left him there. He has been living there for a while until she rescued him. He is the sweetest thing. When he was at the “owners” house he was locked away in a room and got “F-A-T”. Because of his wait and laying down so much he got a bum leg. The ACL was torn in it. Now, he has screws and staples in his leg. He also has to be a cone head for 2 weeks or more. This surgery was something he needed so he can be a dog.

Animals have feelings too. They just can’t tell us what they are feeling or what they want. But they do understand feelings of sadness and happiness. They can be the best thing that ever happened in a persons life (like my sisters). This is more of a helping her out instead of helping out a dog (but it is helping him out too; to run, walk, and be is fun-loving self).

Any little bit helps. The link is down below.

Thank you for your time. We love you for your support even if it is just a penny. If you share this post this is helping as well.


Hope everyone has a good Thursday! See you Sunday with an October Favorites Blog!

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