October Favorites

Hello Everyone!

Lately, I have been really happy. I am not sure how long this will last, but I definitely have been feeling good. I think it is time I do a “Favorites Blog”. I have been wanting to do it for a little while, but wasn’t sure what to write about.

Let’s start with Beauty:

These past couple of weeks I have been using this face wash and exfoliating wash.

I use the face wash everyday and sometimes twice a day. You feel refreshed. It is very light. Not heavy at all on your face. I got this product at Ultra Beauty. Good for sensitive skin.


For this craft which I haven’t been able to do in a while because of a busy life. I love to just sit and finish it soon. This has become a favorite quickly. Crocheting is very relaxing. It keeps your hands busy other than a phone in your hand or computer in your lap. Motor skills is good for you. Using both of your hands. Michael’s Craft Store is where I get my supplies.


Fall Fairy Lights. I got these lights at Michael’s Craft Store. They have quite the collection. I bought Jack-O-Lanters for around my bed and Fall Leaves for across my dresser. Adds nice accents for Fall.

Then I have my Tree. Which is a Christmas tree but I sometimes change it with the seasons. Right now it has Halloween Ordainments all over it and a “Boo!” sign. You can kind of see it in the background of the beauty stuff.



Slow Cooker is one of my favorite things to cook in. All the ingredients go into one pot and you set it and forget it. Checking of course while it cooks. Makes the house smell so good too. Make multiple meals in one pot. Food Network Slow Cooker Book online recipes are very nice.


I have another candle for you. I went to Bath & Body Works. It was buy one get one free online with a coupon. And they have more coupons, so don’t worry there will be more hauls. I had no idea they had candles until this year. I bought a season candle. It is a three wick candle, smells AMAZING, and burns really well. It is called Pumpkin Pie. I am telling you; If you like pumpkin smell… GO GET IT!!!

5 October Favorites in the bag. There are more but I don’t want to bore all of you. Like and Subscribe to my blog if you want more.

Don’t forget I am posting every Sunday. Starting this week. I know last week I didn’t. We had some person things going on.

Hope everyone has a GREAT Sunday Funday!

Happy November!!

See you soon!!!



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