Most Beautiful Flower

Can you guess what I think is the MOST BEAUTIFUL FLOWER?

Hint: Look at my header.


The suspense…… Ready….



Here are the stages that I got with my camera.

Stage 1:

The Peony Ball.

Stage 2:

Starting to open.

Stage 3:

(This stage I will describe how big it gets).

Put your hands together like a cup.

Really BIG!! Tots Cray, Cray!!


By the way, these peonies came from Chile (they showed up at work the other day when we went to the airport to pick flowers up). These are similar to the coral peony that we see in magazines. These ones that I have now are like a Hot Pink/Coral color.

The light pink

and white smell so good.

Peonies have a sweet smell to them. With the coral one though it doesn’t smell at all. Not sure why. It does have a fuchsia center; Where the pollen is.

*Side Note: If anyone is wondering these flowers make very nice wedding flowers if you are willing to pay good money for them.*

I know I haven’t done a Flower Friday in a long time, but I really wanted to share this. These flowers just have amazed me. I hope you get some because they are totally worth the money.

I hope you all have a good weekend. Keep your head up. Anything is possible if you stay positive.

See you Sunday Funday!

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P.S.S. Also go buy some. You will see.

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