Buster’s Birthday

Hello Everyone! It’s Monday!

Time to start a new week with positivity. It is a like a fresh start. Whatever mistakes were made last week should be learned. Which is a good thing. You will never make them again.

This week is the week before Thanksgiving. Work is about to get crazy around Wednesday. Not sure if I will be posting much. Maybe an every other week type of thing. We will see.

Yesterday was Buster’s Birthday. He turned 5 years old. His leg looks so good from where it was like a few weeks ago. There is just a scare now.

For starters, in the morning, we took Buster to the pet store call Petco. He loves meeting people. We just aren’t sure what kind of dogs he likes yet. Anyway, we let him pick out toys and bones. I got him a BIG BONE.

He loves it. Had a big smile on his face. My sister, the dog owner, got him a chew toy that he picked out. He was happy with that as well.

Then after the Petco adventure, we came home dropped him off at the house and went food shopping for Pupcake ingredients.

She made Pupcakes. They looked so delicious. I got to use my cupcake stand for them. It was fun hanging out with her until I went to my works Open House and met one of my best friends at the Paper Store. I bought fuzz socks (Pupcakes directions coming to a blog near you).

I came back home. We celebrated his birthday. He had a pupcake and we had Poke Cake (super easy to make. Directions coming in a blog near you).

We just had a chilled out evening with my mom. Then we started talking about Christmas decorations. I think we are going to do a Silver/Copper/Warm White theme. Nana went to bed, so we could have this actually conversation. Just a great day overall. Got to see my best friends engagement ring. BEAUTIFUL (btw)!! Thanksgiving is going to be a blast.

This week  am Thankful for, my pets. We have 6 pets (2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, 1 dog, 1 fish). I am so grateful for all of them. Even the ones that have passed on too. They were all great.

What are you thankful for this week?

Leave a comment here or at my other social medias (Facebook and Twitter). Links are on the side.

See you all next week!

P.S. May have some extras this week. I will be baking starting Wednesday! Head up for all that stuff.


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