Blog Up Early

Hello Everyone!

My Snicker Doodle Cookies that went up yesterday which was suppose to go up today at 9am. Sorry everyone! I hope you enjoyed it. 

Today was crazy busy.

Does everyone know what a Wine Flight is?

If you don’t then this is what it is. You get to try 5 different wines. The wine gets more sweet or more dry depending on what flight you want to try. 

Today my mom and I went to Mill River Winery. This is where we did the Wine Flight. It is a Local Winery. Such good wine and a good experience. Met some good people too. We are now thinking about Wine Club. We will see.

Then we went out for dinner at Friday’s. Not too excited. Good friends and family. Listened to Christmas Music in the car.

The other day I did break my own rule. I always say that I am not going to listen to Christmas Music until after Thanksgiving. I was baking or making pie crust. I was listening to Pandora Radio Christmas Radio. I’m so naughty. I’m just so excited for the holidays. I love decorating, baking, and being with the family. 

That’s enough. Time for bed. I hope everyone had a Great Friday! See you tomorrow. 

Hope you have a good Saturday and weekend relaxing. 

Night Night Loves!



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