Christmasy Update

Hello Everybody!

I have been sick this past week. This past week I have felt run down around Sunday. I felt just tired and something coming on with my throat hurting and being dry. Jumping to Tuesday, I got a full blown cold. By Wednesday, my voice was lower than a boy going through puberty. Still don’t have my voice fully back yet, but feel a lot better. I caught it just in time.

Here is my remedy for a cold:

Chocolate, Gatorade, Tissues, Vitamins, Throat Drops, Children’s Robitussin, and Smart Water for the electrolytes. Also, been drinking a lot of warm tea. (My method is not recommended).

Feeling better finally.

Christmasy Update:

Today, I got an Advent Calendar (never had one before). I am going to try and guess the tea light I get out of my Yankee Candle Advent Calendar everyday until Christmas. I have opened December 1st-4th. The 4th, today, smells like something like Evergreens.

At Yankee Candle, I got a room defuser. Christmas Tree Shop I got Stockings with our first letter of our name, Garland for the mantle, and Christmasy Bedding. I was so excited when I found the bedding. I think I am now complete for christmasy decor. Just have to get the tree up still. THIS WEEKEND!!!

Forever 21 is this store in one of the local malls and got a cute hat and pair of mittens.

Look, Look, Look….

This will be wore for the Christmas Tree Lighting Down Town Saturday. I am in love this hat and mittens; I found.

There is just a lot that has gone on and I have done since I have been here. New content to come until Christmas. I really do want to try to make up some time lost and Blog everyday until Christmas (plus work a ton too).

There will be room tours, house tours, baking ginger bread, Snicker Doodles, and making burlap wreathes. Adventures with my sister. I want to try and do more and enjoy my adventures until Christmas. More Hot Chocolate and tea in festive cups. This will be fun! Can’t wait to enjoy the holiday season!

Tis the season for more Liz! Oh! And FLOWERS!!

See you around this time Tomorrow!

Happy Holiday’s Everyone! Goodnight!


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